All We Know

Album: Collage (2016)
Charted: 24 18


  • The third original song released in 2016 by The Chainsmokers, "All We Know" tells a story of lovers growing apart. Chainsmokers tweeted: "It's about the hardships of relationships but never giving up on your ride or die."
  • New Jersey born and LA-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan croons the verses and the hook with The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart. It marks the second time Taggart has sung on one of the duo's tracks, following "Closer."
  • As a songwriter, Phoebe Ryan has written for artists such as Melanie Martinez ("Teddy Bear") and Britney Spears ("Man On The Moon"). She recalled the collaboration to Billboard magazine:

    "I can't remember exactly the day or what I was doing, but when I sat down and listened to that song it really made me feel something. It's so honest. It says everything in a poetic way, while still being very straightforward and to the point. I recorded the demo, and they called me, saying, 'We need to record the vocals for this tomorrow.' That's how fast they work."
  • The Rory Kramer-directed video follows a distraught young man, played by actor Casey Deidric who embarks on a journey after receiving some bad news about a friend.

    The Chainsmokers duo make an appearance at 00:45 buying beer at a roadside convenience store. Phoebe Ryan also has a brief cameo as the cashier who checks them out.

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