Last Day Alive

Album: Memories...Do Not Open (2017)
  • This is a collaboration with the country duo Florida Georgia Line. According to FGL's Tyler Hubbard, the duet happened because his bandmate Brian Kelley talked about it during an interview.

    "It was funny. A few weeks earlier, we literally were in an interview, and they said 'Who would you like to collaborate with?' and...[Brian] said 'Well, the Chainsmokers would be cool.' And in my head, I...was thinking, 'Wow, that's something we've never even talked about, but that would be really cool!' And then the next thing you know, a week and a half later, we're getting a phone call. So it's just funny how we really do feel like it's kind of a God thing and it was definitely meant to be."
  • The invitation was a last minute one to record vocals on a track for which the Chainsmokers had already done the music. "They had a really quick turnaround deadline. We went in the studio the next day," Hubbard recalled to The Boot. "We were in the studio all day and all night, until three the next morning. We turned it around in about two days, which really doesn't happen for us that often. It was a meant-to-be thing, it really was."

    "We're really excited about it, actually," he continued. "It was really fun, learning and growing and pushing ourselves both vocally and with different parts and harmonies that we've never sung before."
  • The Florida Georgia Line duo sing here about the exhilaration of performing live and getting lost in that moment. The Chainsmokers explained: "This song is about a feeling more than anything and we hope it fills everyone who hears it with the feeling of inspiration that we get every night when we jump on stage."
  • The Chainsmokers duo wrote the track with Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds. They recalled: "This song started with the beat. Think we put it on loop for three hours before even thinking of writing lyrics."


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