Dead Throne

Album: Dead Throne (2011)
  • The Devil Wears Prada is a Christian post-hardcore band consisting of vocalist Mike Hranica, lead guitarist Chris Rubey, rhythm guitarist Jeremy DePoyster, bassist Andy Trick, drummer Daniel Williams and keyboardist James Baney. This is the title track of their fourth studio album, which was released on September 13, 2011.
  • Dead Throne follows an anti-idolatry theme. Mike Hrancia explained to Artist Direct: "'Dead Throne' is the title track, and it opens the record. It's the idea of putting up our idols, heroes, and entities we worship onto a figurative throne. Those things won't stay up there, and they're not meant to be up there. That idea behind Dead Throne is making kings out of things that shouldn't be kings."
  • Chris Rubey told Alternative Press about the track: "'Dead Throne' was one of those songs that was written in demo form right around [the time of the Zombie EP], and it was intentionally written as the opener to the album. We knew we wanted to start with a fast, heavy song, and we were okay with having some shorter songs around two minutes, two-and-a-half minutes [in length]. It's the first song on the album that I do vocals on—I just do some backing vocals, which is pretty cool. It is kind of hard to tell which ones are me and which ones are Mike, just because he does a lot of his yells [and] a lot of new vocal stuff on this album as well. I just do some backing yells/scream type things."
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