Forever Decay

Album: Dead Throne (2011)
  • Guitarist Chris Rubey (from Alternative Press): "We wrote that one, like, 'Alright, guys, we need a metal song. Let's make a super-metal song.' It's kind of a sleeping giant, you could say. When I listen to it, it definitely pulls out a lot of emotions in me. I would describe it as a very aggressive song, a very in-your-face and emotional [song with] lots of rewind-worthy moments. 'Forever Decay' and 'Vengeance' are two of the only songs that we have in the tuning of drop C."
  • Vocalist Mike Hrancia discussed the song's lyrical content with Alternative Press: "'Forever Decay' is very love/loss theme. It's super-dramatic - I'm not afraid to admit that, but I like it. There's a part, it's the second pre-chorus of the song, that's this big, driving progression with this lyric: 'She fell in love with the city line.' It's super emotional, and it just drives. That's definitely my favorite part of the song. When we finished the song all I could really think was, 'Wow, this is so old Prada.'"


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