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  • This is Devil Wear's Prada's first instrumental song. Frontman Mike Hrancia told Alternative Press: "I had the idea to do an instrumental song, and I know we very well could write an instrumental record as fast as a vocal record if we wanted to, because we always write these jams and interludes during our sets between songs. Basically, that's what we did with 'Kansas.' That song probably had the most effort go into it even though it doesn't have any vocals on it."
  • Guitarist Chris Rubey (from Alternative Press): "'Kansas' was written full band. There's a sample that plays that's a voice speaking, and it's that portion of the song that I had written super, super long ago. Some of the riffs I took from songs that I was writing a long time ago for some solo project I had that never happened. It was kind of like Minus The Bear, Pelican-y influenced guitar-driven stuff, so that's why we decided to put those parts in an instrumental."
  • The band wrote the first half of Dead Throne in Lawrence, Kansas - hence this song's title.
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