Album: Dead Throne (2011)
  • This was the last song written for Dead Throne and was transformed by producer Adam Dutkiewicz from separate bits into a verse-chorus song. Guitarist Chris Rubey explained to Alternative Press: "Adam went through and he actually removed the main riff from the song that was in the demo version. He basically cut it up and was like, 'The song is going to start here.' And where the song starts is a minute into the demo version. I love how it has a punky thrash feel to it the whole time."
  • The lyrics deal with the struggles of falling out of love. In cryptic and suggestive lines, lyricist Mike Hranica sketches the various worries and feelings of a man at the end of a disintegrating relationship, as well as how he tries to cope with them. It shifts from self-pity ("I am the wretched one...") to cold detachment ("It comes back full circle, I can not help but care no more"), creating a song that offers a complex, nuanced take on the situation.
  • In our interview with Jeremy DePoyster, the singer and rhythm guitarist said that this was one of his favorite songs to perform live.
  • The song released on the band's 2011 album, Dead Throne. Most critics hailed the album as more mature and musically sophisticated than the band's previous elements. Like their previous release, the Zombie EP, the record is something of a concept album, focusing around the themes of anti-idolatry and lost love.
  • The band was the last song written for the album. In its original demo form, there was an extended intro. Dutkiewicz suggested the band cut this out entirely, and the band agreed. As such, the song's final, crunchy intro at first didn't appear until one minute into the song.


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