• Frontman Mike Hranica explained to Noisecreep that the song's lyrical content is atmospheric rather than literal. He said: "It doesn't really look at anything too specifically. The most specific thing that it does approach is faith. Just having the battle of faith to persevere and to be patient for affliction and still having the wonder with that. Or wonder what the church is meant to do with that. Or wondering where your friends are with that because you feel dead to everything, which is very transparently the quote speaks of."

    "Then, I mean, conclusively the song breaks down to live and die by your lovers heart and live and die by your faith and my lover is my faith and that's for me, is what's not going to change and that is what builds a martyr," continued Hranica. "It looks at that, but most of the song is a more depressing perspective as far as being dead and wondering what to do with faith and how to handle things. Where will it all end? Those ideas."
  • Bass guitarist Andy Trick and rhythm guitarist Jeremy DePoyster both had a hand in creating the song's music video. Hranica admitted to Noisecreep being stressed about his bandmates' work on the clip. He explained: "I mean this in the nicest way but Jeremy has a tendency to test the boundaries when it comes to deadlines and procrastinate maybe here and there. So I was nervous but when I saw it, I lost my mind. I thought it captured things very well."

    "It's not easy to seek my approval in that area," Hranica continued. "I tend to always have ideas for the music videos or handling all the art direction with the album artwork so when Jeremy said he was going to make a video and I don't know much of anything about it, I'm like, what if it doesn't match the specific aesthetic that really meant to reflect this album? I think he did. I think it does well. It's obviously spazzy and sporadic but very David Lynch-y, which I can always approve of. My kindest words go out to Jeremy and Andy. I think they totally killed that video."


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