Album: Dead Throne (2011)
  • Vocalist Mike Hrancia discussed the song's lyrical content with Alternative Press: "Lyrically, the song is bitter. It's aimed at bands I don't like, bands that are super unoriginal and have no substance, [and] people that jump on trends - which is why it's called 'Pretenders.' All the songs have a very personal identity, which is why I've been able to rant about them for so long, but 'Pretenders' has a very specific identity to me personally as far as having ideas. It definitely has that power and strength behind it."
  • Guitarist Chris Rubey told Alternative Press: "I play 'Pretenders' on a seven-string guitar. We kind of went through and picked the heaviest [songs] and said, "These ones are going to be the heaviest ones, let's tune them the lowest."


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