Album: Dead Throne (2011)
  • This is the second single from Christian post hardcore band The Devil Wears Prada's fourth studio album Dead Throne. A Day to Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon came up with the song title, which stands for "Rest In Torment." Frontman Mike Hrancia explained to Alternative Press, "The idea of the song is taking an angle of depression in the form of a female."
  • This is probably the heaviest track on Dead Throne. Guitarist Chris Rubey told Alternative Press: "It's got the same aggressiveness and heaviness as the Zombie EP, but I wasn't trying to make it scary. The chorus has a really nice groove, the intro riff is just groovy and weird. It's all meant to be, I guess you could say Devil Wears Prada a little bit techier, but still understandable for our fanbase. If we went too math metal or technical, we would lose a lot of listeners, and I didn't want to [do that]."


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