Album: Dead Throne (2011)
  • Despite many fans nominating this as one of their favorite songs on Dead Throne, guitarist Chris Rubey differs. He explained to Alternative Press: "The only reason that I'm not the biggest fan of 'Vengeance' is because the song is composed of the same three root notes the entire song, but if you listen to it there's so many layers. Maybe that's why people think it's so catchy."
  • Rubey is the band's main songwriter but this song was more of a combined effort. He told Alternative Press: "'Vengeance' is actually a song that we wrote [as a] full band. Normally, I write a good majority of the songs on my computer sitting by myself. [But] we do some time-signature changes and some tempo changes in [this song] that I normally wouldn't have been able to come up with on a computer."
  • A Day to Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon helped with this song's lyrics. Frontman Mike Hrancia told Alternative Press: "I feel like anyone who hears ["Vengeance"] and knows that Jeremy McKinnon helped us out on the record would be able to tell that he definitely had a part in [the song]. The chorus is bouncy and very singy. Lyrically, it's something that McKinnon and I both collaborated on, basically an experience that we've both been through. It's just super funny that we actually did it, because it's something I would usually never really write about - but it's something that Jeremy would always write about. It'll always be a memory getting to work with Jeremy like that."


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