My Eyes Have Seen You

Album: Strange Days (1967)


  • This was one of The Doors' first songs. They wrote it in Ray Manzarek's parents' garage in 1965.
  • This was one of 6 songs The Doors recorded for a demo at Aura Records in 1965. Robby Krieger had not yet joined the band.

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  • None from None , WyMan, this song is so simple. It's kind of a more "pop" song. Simple, catchy. But the music is awesome and moody and great, and the lyrics are deep and have a beautiful, simple poetry to them. My favorite is "My eyes have seen you free from disguise, gazing on a city under television skies." That's the best, to me. It has fantastic imagery. But how simple it is! It's one of those very first, early, early Doors songs. And I just can't get sick of it. Just listened to it 20 times... sorry, yeah, I'm sort of obsessed with it right now. Hahah!
  • Jazmin from San Bernardino, Virgin Islands (u.s.)I thought the lines "on an endless roll" said "on an endless road"....Great Lyrics,L0ve the s0ng!!!
  • Eric from Maastricht, Netherlandsbeautiful lyrics
    Changing interpratations of the lines in their songs makes the Doors timeless
  • Summer from Orlando, FlEyes have seen you
    Let them photograph your soul
    These are My favorite Lines of the whole song
    So deep I say Because Who come with something like that(Oh Yea Jim and the Doors of course!
  • Dan from Cleveland, OhTrue, this is one of the first "doors" songs. this song was written in the summer of '65 during Jim's stay on a rooftop in Venice Beach, dropping acid, shortly before he ran into former UCLA college film buddy Ray Manzarek
  • Ipsmd from São Paulo, United StatesAccording to the book "The rough guide to The velvet underground" this song is about Nico, from velvet underground.
  • Valerie from Eureka, CaAh another Doors song to delve into. When the Doors were in their hey day, I was a youngster back in Massachusetts. I fell in love with the Doors music. I remember sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee early in the morning during the winter months. I liked that time of the day as all was quiet. Looking out my 3rd floor flat kitchen window at the fresh snow below under a purple sky and listening to Doors' music, made my day. My Eyes Have Seen You was another all time favorite of mine. Come to think of it, most of the Doors' music was 'an all time favorite' of mine.
    Valerie, California
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis for some reason reminds me of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. Not one of the greatest Doors songs, but I love the lyrics "gazing on a city under television skies".
  • Jim from Qinhuangdao, Chinagazing on a city under television skies,

    Morrison, from his rooftop, could see a ton of antennas. I don't think he could see people watching TV
  • Peter from Providence, RiAt the end of the song..the lyric..."endless roll is repeated several times" Some interpreted it as "Hitlers throne" Morrisons student film dealt with Nazism and On a Doors live CD he did have a Hitler rant(while drunk probably"
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