Queen Of The Highway

Album: Morrison Hotel (1970)
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  • Jim Morrison wrote the lyrics about his relationship with Pamela Courson, who later became his wife. She was with him in Paris when Morrison died in 1971.
  • Morrison and Doors guitarist Robby Krieger combined to write this.

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  • Marshane from Nvhttp://mistressmanifesto.blogspot.com/2014/03/who-is-wife-who-is-mistress-patricia.html?m=1

    Some one mentioned Patricia all over the internet smearing Pam. Made me wonder about this link. "Missy" sure is hot to trott on how much a piece of garbage Pam is. That one simply could not go on without him, and joined him, against the one who constantly assess blame to that one, well, the real couple are together in eternity.
  • Deiter from Los AngelesWithin the last 5-10 years it was revealed at last (Google it) that Morrisson actually died of a heroin overdose. He died in the toilets of a bar in Paris. Not wanting the scandal, the club owner had Morrisson's body taken back to his room and put in a bathtub of hot water to make it seem like he hadn't been dead so long. (I believe there are still a few people alive who could verify this story. Marianne Faithful knew Morrisson's drug dealer.)

    What this has to do with Pamela is that it seems she was already seeing someone else even though there were still sharing a room (the 60's had just ended). Everyone who knew Morrisson knew of his serious alchol problems. He was barely functional. I suspect Pam may've had enough.
  • Lenny from Berlin, GermanyPamela was Jims only TRUE love!!! from beginning till the end! he was and is one of the biggest rock stars ever and rock star life is like: sex, drugs and rock n roll. every The Doors fan knows that and a true fan also knows that Pam was the only one woman of his life. someone said: "don't believe what you saw in the movie!!" and i totally agree with that person. this f--king patricia is a f--king lying bitch! maybe she only way one of his groopies. what Jim and Pam had was more than you can ever imagine!!! the movie "the doors" from oliver stone with those stupid acters is such a lie. Jim Morrison was showed as a stupid asshole what he NEVER was!!! my opinion is that this movie says no truth about him, his life and Pam. THE FACT IS THAT JIM MORRISON LOVES PAMELA COURSON (MORRISON) AND SHE LOVES HIM MORE THAN YOU EVER KNOW!!! I swear by God.
  • Shelby from Wallingford, Caokay, first of all your all right he never officially married pam but she was around since the begining she was his true love and after he died the court recognized her as his common law wife. She died 3 years after jim claiming she wanted to be withh him. They were both heroin addicts and died from it. Patricia and him met only about 12 times maybe total he did like her but it was a lustful relationship and purely that. He did get her pregnant but claimed he didn't want it and it wouldn't be his. When she decided to get the abortion he didn't even show up. Patricia herself claims it was more of a fling than a serious relationship at all and btw she doesn't partice wicca anymore. Yes they went through a pagan marriage but it obviously was not recognized by the law and was not official. He himself even claimed it seemed like a good idea at the time when he was high. He didn't not love her and they never spoke again before his death. It's all in his biographys if you would like to look yourself, also watch the doors movie the real remaining members of the doors helped put input to make it although im sure it leaves things out it gives you a good idea of how he was. So basically, Pam & Jim forever obviously in the end just like in life she's the one with him.
  • Liv from San Diego, CaThe Doors Song "Queen of the Highway" is in reference to Pamela Courson his "cosmic mate." Pamela Courson was a princess of the hippies and she was intriqued by fashion and ran a very successful boutique in Los Angeles named Themis. The lyrics "no one could save her save the blind tiger he was a monster dressed in black leather" refer to the fact that jim cannot save her from her relationship with count jean de breutil a drug dealer to the stars and royal French Count. He refers to Pamela Courson as a Princess of the Highway because she roams freely between the two men who were both her long time lovers. Jim writes the song in fears that pamela will chose to be with Jean whom she also loves and have his children or whether Pamela would chose to be with himself "american boy, american girl most beautiful people in the world! son of a frontier Indian swirl dancing thru the midnight whirlpool" is referring to the beautiful life pam would have if she chose jim. I love Pamela && Jim
  • Miguel Robins from New York, NyI am a Doors fan{but allso into tons of other kinds of music}I do LOL,Have "this" thing for redheads(obviously so did JIM)...don't know why, I just do.What really pissed me off was when she "Patricia"insinuated *Pamela*was garbage because she used Heroin,that is a really low low low blow isn't Miss Kenealey a pagan of some sort?
    You would think she of all people would realize how wrong it is to be put down just because your in the minority,some friggin people never cease to amaze me,I read many books about Jim Morrisson and no disrepect to the man(I love allot of the songs he wrote)but he ADMITTED his DOC was alcohol,Pam from I recall did not like boozing it up,what's Miss Kenealie's DOC????I would wage it is one of those drugs popular in the 60's,NO DRUG is inherrently bad,it is how people use it like medical marijuana,etc....."She"Patricia knew better than that,and if she really did not she's a close minded bonehead...Sorry about the long winded "Don Quiqote" rant,just had to get it off of my mind,I allways adored Pamela Courson,and I believe if their is such things as soul mates.....Jim&Pam would be it,sweet dreams Pam,RIP Brutha Jim................Miguel
  • Chai from Los Angeles, Cai agree with daisy lion, patricia does not seem like she was as an important figure in his life as pam. But i don't think they were ever married...
    jim and pam
  • Daisylion from Kingston, OnI am disgusted and shocked at the way Patricia has added Morrison to her name. Pam was Jims true love and it is widely known. Patricia was merely an experiment for him. She was into something different and that interested him. I do believe that he had mild feelings for her but his heart was always with Pam and he proved it by remaining with her in good times and bad. He introduced her as his wife and it was Pam who inherited most of his things. He thought of his witch marriage ceremony with Patricia as a JOKE although she didn't. He also refused to have a child with her, paying for the abortion and leaving her to deal with by herself as he couldn't of been bothered. It is sad how Patricia has to hold on to his fame to try to save her own. Attention seeking and greatly delusional about what her role was in Jims life.All things filmed and written back this up (except for the things written by her)
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaSTOP BELIEVING WHAT YOU SAW IN THE MOVIE!!!!!i cant stress this enough, Patricia Kennealy is a lying bitch, it's called jealousy
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiashannan just be quiet. you cant go round making false alligations about two people that you obviously have no idea about. Jim was taking drugs way before he met Pam. you say you "love" Jim, but you cant even show respect for the woman he loved(who is also dead). it's low. it was Jim's own choice if he wanted to take drugs or not. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!ilovejimmorrisonmorethanyoucoulddreamof
  • Salli from Washington Dc, DcI interviewed Jim Morrison for Circus Magazine in October 1970. "Morrison Hotel" was released in February 1970. The song was written and recorded by the end of 1969. It was written about Pamela Courson. Jim Morrison said to me that he and Patricia Kennealy did not know each other well at that point. They has exchanged a few polite notes and she saw him only in the company of others only a three or four times. Jim also said he didn't consider their wedding in June 1970 as anything more than a creative experiment and a fun thing to do at the time. He further said there were no witnesses, only Jim and Patricia were present. If you timeline Patricia's "Strange Days" and compare Jim's schedule you will find that Patricia Kennealy spent less than a week and a half with Jim Morrison -- days, not even a month, let alone a year. So let's please reconsider the wish to credit Kennealy as the source for this song. The source for "Queen of the Highway" was Pamela.
  • Vanja from Novi Sad, SerbiaI really like Pam although she was an heroin adict.I don't think she killed him, that's really nonsense.Don't think that she made Jim use drugs, you just can't make someone do that, if he doesen't want to. And she truly was love of his life. If she weren't he wouldn't took her with him to Paris, and he wouldn't left her all his wealth. And they all the time end up together...I don't have anything against Patricia Kennealy, but there wasn't supose to be place for her in Jim's life, she just wasn't rabbeted in the picture. Even if they were wedded somehow. Pam was his soulmate, in life or death...
  • Sarahshiloh from Los Angeles, CaSo to relate, Queen of the Highway, it has been stated in one of the earlier books, perhaps No One Here Gets Out Alive, how Jim let Pamela drive and how she enjoyed it, "she was a princess, queen of the highway . . ." Also he called her his "cosmic mate." When the witch finally arrives on her broom in the heavens she'll probably be sucked into a black hole, lol!! Many of you don't know, but you can hardly go to a Morrision or Pam site without the dingbat posting under various names desecrating their cosmic union, his forever girl. Suck it up, Kennealy.
  • Sarahshiloh from Los Angeles, CaJim loved Pamela, ala "I love you the best . . . better than all the rest" - from Indian Summer. They were soulmates. He mentioned how she loved to drive. They drove through Europe, they had a genuine relationship. For Patricia Kennealy to take less than a handful of occasions with the man and live like a spinster for the next 35 years, always putting Pam down, is a living example of the Tears for Fears song, "Woman in Chains" as to Kennealy and her 35 year fantasy:
    "Well I feel lying and waiting is a poor
    (wo)man's meal
    And I feel hopelessly weighed down by your eyes of steel
    Its a world gone crazy
    Keeps woman in chains

    And she is a crazy broad chained to her 35 year old memory of a brief fling with Jim and in denial of the "thing" Jim and Pam had over every broad he ever knew in the biblical way. Pam wasn't at all threatened by Kennealy, but then again the winners don't have much time to think of "the rest." I just wish she'd go away. She is fiction. Pam and Jim were real, marriage licence or not, it was the sixties, he left her everything, but being with him was more, she oddly enough didn't see or want to see herself even a year older than him when she died at 27. It's Rock n Roll Romeo & Juliet at it's finest and tragic. I wish they had lived on but it wasn't meant to be in this time and space. Kennealy saws in her website she sets candles and food for all various dead rock n roll stars who drop in to indulge themselves in her fine world every night. Poor, poor woman. She threw her possible love life away. And he probably was weighed down by her eyes of steel (re tears for fears song), then aborted the baby. Fine chick.
  • Deedee from Houston, TxIris Honey, what have you been smoking???
  • Stephanie from St. Louis, MoAbout Patricia Kennealy: if any of you actually did your research you would realize that not only do the biographies of Jim state uncertainty as to the actualy relationship between Jim and Patricia (all that is known is that they did meet once) but there are also no pictures of the two together. I think Patricia is just a batty horny woman. Also, don't be so hard on Pam. Jim hated her heroine habit, but he really loved her and I don't believe she made him do anything like heroine - can you imagine the Lizard King doing anything unless he wanted to?
  • Amber from Hudson Falls, NyAs far as jims celtic wedding:According to many close friends morrison admits he was drunk and it was just somthing fun to! His love,his muse and wife (paper or not ) was pam. Infact it was said apart of his leaving paris was to escape the pressure patrica was providng with the whole baby and wife thing....pam was his muse his love and life!
  • Iriswiglecutforth from Toronto, Ont , CaGod...get a life! Who in the world is Patricia Kennealy??? Is she related to Catherine Ramsland or the person that Robert Blake was suppose to kill? Jim did not have a third wife called Patricia Kennealy...period!!! Pamila did not over drug Jim. Pamila did not do drugs. And Pamila's parents just happen to be Jim Morrison parents but it was thought at the time that it would be best for Jim to let Jim die and assume another identity, thus, all of his money went back to HIM. And, why would Jim want to go into seclusion because people like to set traps and hound people. Women like to point to him and say that he belongs to him. Hopefully no children have popped up like Robert Blake. Do a dna test Jim! Aboriginal selective is very important as a deciding point. Let's all come out of the closet and shut the mouth of the lions and liars for a change!
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeI hate Pam Courson she ruined Jim Morrison! She was a drug addict and made him one too. He should have went to Paris alone and solved his problems on his own, with friends that could help, not a loser that could ruin him. I love Jim Morrison, but when he met her he made a bad choice! She killed him!!
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeI like the cool flow and jazzy feel to this song. Morrison is an excellent blues singer. I love his poems too. Great!
  • Rick from Columbus, GaIf you read Morrison's poetry carefully you'll realize this song is about himself dressing up as a woman and prancing down the highway in Encino. He was arrested a couple of times for this in the mid 60s even before the Doors first played.
  • Eric from Maastricht, NetherlandsPam Courson never married Jim Morrison!
  • Darel from Kosciusko, MsI don't see a problem with this song....It is my favorite from The Doors.
  • Jim from Qinhuangdao, ChinaJohn Densmore said that this was the only song where he felt the group let Jim down. His meaning is that musically, it just didn't cut it. Listening to it, I'd have to agree with him. The words are strong, but the music is weak. The worst cut on an otherwise outstanding album.
  • Dennis from Chicagoland Burrows, IlThe best version of this song comes from the Essential Rarities CD. It is performed with a slower jazz theme, and it sounds terriffic. I dont really like the one from "Morrison Hotel"
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScIt would also make sense that it would be about Pamela Courson, but I doubt it.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScYeah from looking at the songfacts, lyrics, and comments, it make sense it would be about Patricia Kennealy. That's because, Jim and Pamela never were married, and Jim and Patricia got married in a Pagan ceremony.
  • Justin from London, United StatesI disagree with the Song 'Facts' as Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison were NEVER married. The only 'mariage' that Jim Morrison had was a Celtic handfasting ceremony to Patricia Kennealy, editor of Rock & Pop magazine".
  • Justin from London, United StatesThe song may be about Patricia Kennealy - the journalist of Rock & Pop that Jim had a prolonged relationship with.
    "She [Kennealy] was a Princess" of the Celtic/Paegan priesthood.
    Kennealy and Morrison were married in a Celtic ceremony and this may explain why "Now they are wedded".
    They were also "soon to have offspring" as she was pregnant with his child, although she aborted!
  • Dustin from Waycross, GaIf this song is about Pam and Jim it would make some sense. He is the monster, black dressed in leather(his black leather pants). And it is interesting to note he talks of offspring in this song, wonder what and how much he thought of his own offspring. Im guessing he didnt think to much about it was just another little area that he touched on in his vaste array of poetry.
  • Xavier from Melbourne, AustraliaA strong influence of Jazz is noticeable in this song. - A Coltrane-esque time signature change in the introduction, daring for its time, and an ascending chromatic chord pattern at the end of each verse, most likely inspired by Theolonius Monk
  • Bryan from Nova Scotia, CanadaPam Courson never married Jim Morrison. They were common-law partners, not married. While she did refer to herself as "Mrs. Morrison" and inherit most everything, she was never married to him.
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