Over My Head (Cable Car)

Album: How To Save A Life (2005)
Charted: 19 8


  • This song is about a fight that Fray singer/pianist Isaac Slade had with his brother Caleb - who is nicknamed "Cable Car" - back when Caleb still played bass for The Fray before getting kicked out in 2002. Isaac wanted Caleb to leave the band because Caleb wasn't so great. This song is about a conflict told through Caleb's eyes. "Everything falling through" refers to the band coming apart because of the conflict. In the song, Caleb wishes that someone had just been honest with him earlier and told him that they wanted him to leave. He then feels apathetic about the band and resigns himself to run away. The second verse is where Caleb calls out the rest of the band and says that they will find a new bass player ("another friend") but will just mistreat him like they did him. Caleb is in over his head because he thought he could be a great musician, but it turns out he wasn't good enough. >>
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    Maci - Sylacauga, AL
  • Isaac Slade said this about the song, "It is about a fight I got in with my brother, Caleb. After he graduated high school, we drifted apart and really hadn't spoken in a long time. One day we both realized that we needed to fight it out. We'd been friends for twenty years. That's a long time when you're only 23 years old. We fought it out, and he's one of my best friends today." >>
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  • John Paul from Dcwhen I look at the video.....
    I see a kid in some preppy school and think back to myself in high school and think of the song as an anthem for all the guys who have felt that being at a school and/or crushing on a girl, was like being "over his head" and "out of his league".
  • Lamonica from Nashville, Tn[This song reminds me on a relationship with my exbf. Every word, every stressed vowel, every note and key.] I fell for this guy really fast. He was everything i thought a guy shoud be. smart funny attractive talented successful, though it turns out they were all just lies and lies. I wish i had listened to all the people when they were telling me i was "IN OVER MY HEAD". But i was giving the benefit of the doubt. I dumped him. And i still cant get over him. And "every eight seconds he's on my mind,he's on my mind".
  • Ty from Lewes, DeLike others I identify with this song. My experience was with my ex and her dealings with clinical depression. Her refusal to get treatment, and what she put herself, and me, through. My life in turn did fall through. At least her life is back on track now, for now.:
  • Bailey Wilson from Tazewell, Tni know how you feel the same thing happened to me. well almost.my boyfriend was always acting like he was the boss of me (cause he always thought i would run off with another guy like his last girlfriend did) but he doesn't know i'm not like that so i had to break up with him he was so deppressed he moved and went to therapy but i just couldn't take it anymore i had to do it.
  • Kara from Wichita, KsThis song reminds me of my last relationship, we always fought and it WAS falling through because i got so jealous of other girls but I always acted i kinda owned him to those girls too.I knew something was up and i broke it off, later from his best friend i found out he was using me to get to one of the girls and this doesnt make sense to you now but to me it really does to me
  • Nathaniel from London, EnglandThis song featured on Laguna Beach, and due to its fitting lyrics it bacame somewhat of a hit (outside of its own success) what i love about it is the vocal delay Isaac Slade puts on the word "head" and "seconds"
  • Brently from Corning, CaThis song reminds me of my Ex-Bestfriend Curtis, and how we always fought. So much drama! Our friendship really related to this song. This song relates to a lot of teens relationships. Maybe choosing one friend over another, etc. One word that comes to mind when I hear this song is Betrayal
  • Brently from Corning, CaThis is a really neat song. It reminds me a lot of me. The Fray is awesome!
  • Tania from Cairns, AustraliaThe Fray is an awsome band i like all of there songs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Their good song righters
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, Nji like this song alot. it makes me a little sad though, cuz it reminds me of when my friend and i had a fights that ended our friendship. it makes me think i was' in over my head' because in retrospect, our fights could easily have ben resolved and 'everything falling through' is how everything we liked about each other seemed to disappear. and ' she's on your mind' is about how i sometimes think about her and me being friends again' molly, if u r reading this, please believe me when i say im sorry and that i want us back together.
  • Leah from Humboldt, Iathe words of the chorus (with eeght seconds left in overtime) were spoken by an angel to isaac in a dream, so he decided to put them in the song. i so love this song. the fray is the best.
  • Trent from Great Falls, MtThat has nothing to do with the chorus "With eight seconds left in overtime She's on your mind"

    Either Maci is full of it, or the lyrics are very poor

    But besides the lyrics i think its a great song, very catchy
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