Standing In The Way Of Control

Album: Standing in the Way of Control (2006)
Charted: 7


  • This song was written by frontwoman Beth Ditto as a response to the US government's stance on same sex-marriage during George W. Bush's presidency. She said in publicity materials: "Nobody in the States was that surprised or shocked by what Bush did, but it made everyone I know feel helpless and cheated. I wrote the chorus to try and encourage people not to give up. It's a scary time for civil rights, but I really believe the only way to survive is to stick together and keep fighting."
  • This featured in the UK on trailers for Channel 4's teen drama Skins and subsequently became its "unofficial" theme song.
  • This indie/rock/disco stomper proved to be a popular song to dance to. However many clubbers were probably unaware of the song's protest lyrics. Ditto commented to Clash magazine: "I don't get mad with them, like, 'Oh, but that's not what the song was about...' It's also nice to know that people are mindlessly dancing to a song like that... especially straight jocks. I love that idea. I think that's the beauty of music - it's different for everybody. It might just be a song that was on Skins, but then it might be a song that somebody's like: 'Oh yeah, this is a really sweet song'. I think that's really nice."
  • The track placement on Skins was entirely unwanted by the band. Guitarist Nathan (aka Brace Paine), explained to The Quietus: "That was done without our permission, by the way. Back Yard gave it to them without asking us, which was ridiculous. We didn't even know what the show was, then someone was like 'oh you're the theme songs for Skins' and we YouTubed it and were like 'what the f--k?' It was really random."


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