Love Can Build a Bridge

Album: Love Can Build a Bridge (1990)
  • This song was written by Naomi Judd together with Paul Overstreet, who wrote many of Randy Travis' hits, and John Barlow Jarvis, who toured as part of Rod Stewart's band in the 1970s. Recorded by The Judds as the second single and title track from their album of the same name, it reached #5 on the Country chart in mid-1991.
  • Jarvis recalled the writing of the song to Nashville Hype: "Naomi Judd handed me a set of lyrics she had written which was inspired by a conversation she had with Paul Overstreet," he said. "I immediately heard a melody and wrote it in literally 15 minutes. What took the most time was finding the right feel for the final recording. I believe we recorded it two or three different times before they were happy."
  • The song has twice been covered for a charity single in the UK. In 1994 it was recorded by Children For Rwanda in aid of Save The Children. Although it was relatively unsuccessful, reaching only #57 in the UK singles chart , it was chosen the following year as 1995's official Comic Relief single. This new version recorded by Cher, Chrissie Hynde, Neneh Cherry with Eric Clapton topped the UK charts for a week. It was the first ever UK #1 that Eric Clapton had played on.
  • This was sung by a 10-year-old Britney Spears on Star Search in 1992.
  • The song won the Grammy for Song Of The Year in 1992. John Barlow Jarvis also contributed to the following year's winner when Vince Gill's "I Still Believe in You," which he also co-wrote won the 1993 award.


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