A Matter Of Time

Album: Battle Born (2012)


  • This song finds Brandon Flowers singing of a relationship that's about to crumble. Flowers told the Spotify streaming site: "You've bussed enough tables to take out your girlfriend and don't have a care and the world... but there's impending doom around the corner!"
  • Drummer Ronnie Vannucci told Spotify that the song finds The Killers returning to their roots. He said: "You know when archaeologists do these digs and uncover artifacts like bowls and sabre tooth tiger teeth and jawbones? 'A Matter Of Time' is us doing that, digging into our history, going back to my garage. We still have that DNA in us and it was cool to find that without looking for it, it gives credit and validity to what we were doing in a hot garage ten years ago and we're still driven by that."

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  • Omega from Salt LakeThe green grass in the garden and the victory over sin :)
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