Have All the Songs Been Written?

Album: Wonderful Wonderful (2017)


  • The five-year gap between 2012's Battle Born and Wonderful Wonderful is the longest ever break between The Killers' albums. One reason for this was difficulties arising from the band members residing in different states (Brandon Flowers moved to Utah, Ronnie Vannucci and Dave Keuning relocated to California, and Mark Stoermer divides his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. "The dynamic has changed," Flowers told Billboard magazine. "When we used to start writing, anything was possible. Now, there's a weight and something looming over us -- what we've done, if we can do it again. Those things creep into your mind."

    In addition, while making Wonderful Wonderful, Flowers suffered from early sessions writer's block. He told UK newspaper The Sun: "It was frustrating. I remember hearing people talk about losing it. And as I've been pretty prolific, it was strange to feel like that. I felt lost but I just pushed through. I've always been hard-working, that's one of my attributes. I've a strong work ethic and so I sat at the piano and didn't give up."
  • Flowers sought help for his writer's block from his friend Bono, and this track's title was originally the subject line of an email the Killers frontman sent to the U2 vocalist. The latter suggested it would make an excellent name for a song.

    "Bono is someone I would look to for guidance," said Flowers. "We don't see each other that frequently but he has had a lot of experience and has gone through things I go through."
  • This lush lament tackles Flowers' writer's block that had him questioning the whole point of the band. He told NME: "Rolling Stone ranked all 73 Smiths songs and I looked at them and I was humbled at how good every f---ing single one of them was - it just made me want to quit."
  • This song features a guest appearance from Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler, who contributes guitar parts. The Killers had previously covered Dire Straits' "Romeo And Juliet" on 2007's Sawdust.


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