Life To Come

Album: Wonderful Wonderful (2017)


  • In 2015, Brandon Flowers' wife Tana fell ill with complex post-traumatic stress disorder when the singer was touring his solo album The Desired Effect. Six US shows were canceled as he rushed home to be with his family and help look after his wife. Flowers reassures his wife on this arena rocker that nothing will stop him being there for her when she needs him:

    If you call my name
    I will run whether or not it's tonight
    Or the life to come
    Or the life to come

    When Flowers married Tana it was for life and he will always be there for her.
  • The Killers started this track with producer Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic, Adele, Beyoncé) before finishing it with Jacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, U2, R.E.M).

    "We were obviously familiar with some of the bigger stuff that [Tedder] has done," Flowers told Entertainment Weekly, "But there's a song he did with U2 on Songs of Innocence called 'Every Breaking Wave' that, to me, was the best song on that record. That was one of the reasons we reached out to Ryan."


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