Out Of My Mind

Album: Wonderful Wonderful (2017)


  • Brandon Flowers' wife Tana suffers from anxiety and depression and was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder following a difficult childhood. In 2015, Flowers canceled a string of tours for his solo album, The Desired Effect, after his wife's depression became severe, so he could go home to look after her. A number of songs on Wonderful Wonderful are about her condition. Flowers told UK's The Sun that writing personal songs such as "Rut" " Life To Come " and "Out of My Mind" has helped.

    "People are getting more informed on mental health and raising awareness and changing the stigma," he said. "This can only be a good thing. I think there is a power in talking about it. Addressing it on these songs wasn't easy, but it feels powerful.

    "I've never been prone to those feelings," Flowers added. "I've been relatively unscathed. A lot of people that are artists probably had a lot different upbringing to what I had."
  • Flowers mentions in the song a Paul McCartney encounter:

    So I told you about McCartney
    And that's a heavy name to drop
    You say you don't need confirmation
    But I don't know if I can stop

    Brandon Flowers explained to NME: "New Year's Eve we played a party in St. Barts and we heard he was coming so we practiced Helter Skelter and we got him on stage to sing it with us. His daughter was filming and wanted me to say something but I was too emotional."
  • There's also a lyric on the track about Tana being unimpressed by a Springsteen story.

    Went back to back with Springsteen
    You turned and rolled your eyes

    Flowers explained: "I sang 'Thunder Road' by Bruce Springsteen - I was trying to impress my wife, but she just wants me to be a good person, so she's not that impressed."


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