GRB 09042

  • GRB stands for "Gamma-Ray Burst," and GRB 09042 is a specific burst that was discovered by University of Exeter astrophysicists in 2009.

    The Limousines lead singer/lyricist Eric Victorino used the celestial event as a metaphor for desolation. "Sometimes giving up feels like the only option," he told us. "GRB09042 is the furthest point of light that we can see. It's completely out if reach."
  • Hush was the second Limousines album, and it saw the band taking a far more introspective approach, as they had gone through some dark times leading up to it: the duo lost some friends and family members, and Victorino was committed to a psychiatric facility. "Hush came from an emotional place," he said. "Get Sharp [their first album] was written from a snarky kind of sarcastic angle with almost no emotional investment."
  • The duo's instrumentalist Giovanni Giusti handles lead vocals on this song. The higher voice that comes in midway through is that of their frontman Eric Victorino.
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