Internet Killed the Video Star

Album: Get Sharp (2010)


  • In 1979, the Buggles released "Video Killed The Radio Star," which was the first song MTV played when they launched on August 1st, 1981. Music videos changed the face of music: out with REO Speedwagon, in with Duran Duran - photogenic groups that could make clever videos and appeal to a younger crowd had the edge. The next technological revolution with this kind of effect on music was the Internet, and that shift is what this song takes on.

    The Limousines are the San Francisco-based Electropop duo of Eric Victorino and Giovanni Giusti, who met on the Internet and collaborated on tracks before ever being in the same room.

    Victorino, who handles vocals and songwriting, told us: "The song is about how music changes, electro and pop music give way to rock n roll and back again, it's a cycle - the big lesson though is that you gotta have fun. We knew when we were recording this one that it was going to end up being the catchiest tune on the album, the lyrics came out quick and they're kind of like a sequel to the Buggles song."


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