Album: Marks To Prove It (2015)


  • Kamakura is a Japanese city located about 30 miles south-south-west of Tokyo. It was the seat of the Shogunate and of the Regency during the Kamakura Period (1185–1333 AD). The first shogun, Minamoto no Yoritomo, established the Kamakura shogunate in the city in 1192 and the Kamakura period is known for the emergence of the samurai, the warrior caste, and for the establishment of feudalism in Japan.
  • Guitarist Felix White told NME: "We went to Kamakura on tour a couple of years ago and the music was made about that. It's quite a peaceful, atmospheric piece of music but Orlando's words are about kicking out time on the high street. They're opposite things but that's why I think they play together in quite a unique way."


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