On Any Other Day

Album: Reggatta de Blanc (1979)


  • Written by Police drummer Stewart Copeland, this song seems to be about all the things that life throws at us, and the problems we face on a really bad day. We could deal with them all, if only on any other day. >>
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    Pippin - Rhye, CA
  • From the book MTV Ruled the World - The Early Years of Music Video, here's Stewart Copeland talking about the early days of music videos at the dawn of MTV: "Up until that point, videos were not an art form. The only place I'd seen them was in England, on shows like Top of the Pops. When there would be an American group that actually couldn't show up, they would send video, which was usually just a camera following a band around a park while they walk around, and someone says, 'Hey, get an ice cream! Let's have all the lads eating ice cream!' They were sort of like Monkees' videos."

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  • David from Reading, EnglandThis is one of Copeland's humourous songs, telling us about all the things that have gone wrong, and how he'd be able to deal with them on any other day - as today is his birthday! (Listen to the outro, where we hear the "chipmunks" singing "Happy Birthday, Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday, To You")
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