Some Like It Hot

Album: The Power Station (1985)
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  • The Power Station were a supergroup formed by Robert Palmer (vocals), Tony Thompson (drummer with Chic), John Taylor (bass player with Duran Duran) and Andy Taylor (guitarist with Duran Duran). "Some Like It Hot" proved to be their most successful song, though they also had a transatlantic Top 30 hit with a cover of T-Rex's "Bang A Gong (Get It On)."

    The Duran Duran trio were all fans of Chic, and this song was designed to showcase their drummer Tony Thompson.
  • Writing credits on this song go to Robert Palmer, Andy Taylor and John Taylor. Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor recalled his contribution to this track in an interview with Q Magazine (February 2008): "John (Taylor) felt sorry for me. He said, 'Of course we've got work for you.' He flew me and my drum tech to New York on Concorde and put us up in a 5-star hotel. After 14 days, I finally went to the studio and I played these drums - called Octobans - on 'Some Like It Hot.' I hit the drum maybe five times. That was it. Concorde flights for two, 14 days in a 5-star hotel... the most expensive bit of drumming in history."
  • Speaking with the A.V.Club in a 2012 interview, John Taylor recalled: "I flew to Nassau in the Bahamas, which was where Robert Palmer lived at the time, and played him the demo that Andy and I had written and said, 'We've got this idea that we're calling "Some Like It Hot.'" And he just looked at me and said, 'And some sweat when the heat is on. [Laughs.] I was, like, 'Yes! That'll do…'"
  • Soon after The Power Station released their debut album, Robert Palmer left the band instead of heading out on tour with the group. He was replaced by Michael Des Barres, who in addition to fronting the band Chequered Past, was an accomplished actor who had appeared on the TV shows The Rockford Files, Cagney & Lacey and WKRP in Cincinnati.

    Des Barres was the face of the group in the summer of 1985 for their tour of North America, which included a performance at Live Aid on the Philadelphia stage, where they performed this song. Drummer Tony Thompson did double-duty, also playing with the reunited Led Zeppelin in place of their deceased drummer John Bonham.

    The group split up after the tour, but re-formed in 1996 with Palmer at the helm, releasing and album called Living in Fear. They disbanded for good soon after.
  • The group debuted this song on Saturday Night Live when they were the musical guest on the February 16, 1985 episode. This would be Robert Palmer's only appearance with the group until their '90s reunion.
  • The video was directed Peter Heath, who also did the group's "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" and DeBarge's "Rhythm of the Night." The girl in the video is Tula (Caroline Cossey), a transsexual British model who posed for Playboy in 1991. At 6-feet tall, she was significantly taller than most of the band members, but she was most often seen in a reclining position in the clip.
  • Later in 1985, Robert Palmer released his album Riptide, which contained the hits "Addicted To Love" and "Hyperactive." The album shared The Power Station's producer (Bernard Edwards) and drummer (Tony Thompson), and used a similar sound that worked well for Palmer and kept him on the charts. The "Addicted To Love" video also made him an MTV icon, and with "Some Like It Hot" in his setlist, he was one of the biggest draws of the late '80s.

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  • Randy from Rio De Janeiro, -As a non-musician, this song has always had the most interesting drumming to me. Grabs your attention. Tony Thompson must have been a monster talent.
  • Thomas Leonard from Pittsburgh, Pa, Pa"Some Like It Hot" was the only song the original group ever performed on TV together, on an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1985. Michael Des Barres (ex Silverhead Vocalist and part time actor) replaced Palmer for a summer tour in 1985 and was featured when the group appeared on the hit US TV show Miami Vice.
  • Thomas Leonard from Pittsburgh, Pa, PaIn 1992, Palmer revealed that the suit he wore in the video (where he plays a priest) was the same suit he wore in a 1976 concert video shot on tour while he was opening for Little Feat. On a Best Of Video compilation entitled "Video Addictions" (related to the two part series of Greatest Hits albums "Addictions Vol I & Vol II" released in 1989 and 1992 respectively) Palmer actually showed footage from the old concert video, where he performed his cover of Harry Bellefonte's "Man Smart, Woman Smarter".
  • Thomas Leonard from Pittsburgh, Pa, PaDespite the brief falling out over Palmer leaving so soon, he remained on good terms with everyone, with Andy Taylor, Bernard Edwards, and Tony Thompson all appearing on subsequent solo work by Palmer, plus re uniting with the band for second album and brief tour in 1996-97. After his death, Duran Duran (John & Andy Taylor's group) dedicated their hit "Ordinary World" to Palmer during their live shows.
  • Thomas Leonard from Pittsburgh, Pa, PaPalmer had met John Taylor a few years prior, at Taylor's request he penned the lyrics to "Some Like It Hot" after hearing the backing track they group had laid down. According to Palmer, the original idea of the band was to use multiple guest vocalists for different tracks, but they were impressed with Palmer when they asked him to try out and he performed "Get It On (Bang A Gong)". Palmer wanted to return and finish his Riptide album, plus there were disputes about money with management, which was why he left the band before going on tour.
  • Jim from Hammond, InRobert Palmer quit the group before LiveAid .
  • Ellen from Chicago, IlI knew it was Robert Palmer, never knew it was all of those other people! Was great to rediscover this song working on "Best of" playlists!
  • Marcus from Houston, TxThe extended mix of this song is excellent. It definitely would've been a club hit at that time
  • Travis from Grandisland, FlThis song was also used in Rusty Griswald's(Jason Lively) club fantasy in the movie "National Lampoons European Vacation"

    Great song and Great part of that movie. I wonder where that scene was shot at?
  • Drew from B'ham, AlThat's who formed Power Station? I didn't know Robert Palmer was a part of that. I also didn't know who else was involved in making this big hit "Some Like It Hot".
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