Can't Wait Another Day

Album: A Song in My Head (2014)


  • String Cheese Incident keyboardist player Kyle Hollingsworth wrote this song. It's about the birth of his daughter, Isabel. The song describes the trepidation and excitement that comes with waiting for the delivery. In our interview with Hollingsworth, he explained: "All the lines are very real. A lot of my songs, at least in the past, are not preachy, but they definitely have a stance. Like, 'You need to change' or 'wake up' or something. And this one I was like, 'I don't want to be the preacher person. I want to say this is what's happened in my life.' So I wrote lyrics: 'Every day I pace the hall waiting for your call.'"
  • This song started with a bass line that came into Hollingsworth's head when he was out for a hike. He wrote it out when he got home, then brought it into the band, where they worked out the song in a jam. When they started working on the chorus, Hollingsworth decided to keep it simple, arranging some basic sounds and words until they made some sense:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    Round and round we go
    Oh, oh, oh
    Can't wait another day

    Once they had the chorus, Hollingsworth worked backwards to write the verses.
  • Hollingsworth takes pride in getting an unusual word in this song, which isn't all that easy to rhyme: "discombobulated":

    You got me discombobulated
    It doesn't have to be this complicated


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