Another Hit of Showmanship

Album: Strange Days (2020)


  • Sparked by a Britpop-sounding riff conceived by Struts guitarist Adam Slack, this song pays homage to the tunes the band members used to dance to during the early '00s rock revival. Frontman Luke Spiller commented: "'Another Hit of Showmanship' reminds me of being at a club night called Ramshackle years ago at the O2 Academy in Bristol, where they'd play bands like The Libertines and Razorlight and Scissor Sisters, and of course The Strokes."
  • Spiller said the Britpop anthem is a tip of the hat to the "last great wave of rock music from both sides of the pond."

    All I need is another hit
    All I need is another little bit
    All I need is another hit of showmanship and I will be alright
    It gets me and the night never ends

    These bands helped The Struts rise above their difficulties during their early teenage years.
  • The song features guest guitar from Albert Hammond, Jr. Spiller reached out to The Strokes guitarist after The Struts opened for his solo shows back in 2018. "I hit up Albert out of the blue and told him, 'We've got this song, and I'm so excited to see what you would do with it," said The Struts frontman. "As soon as he got his hands on it, he took it to a whole different level - it really just shows why he's so brilliant at what he does."


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