Floy Joy

Album: Floy Joy (1972)
Charted: 9 16
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  • Smokey Robinson wrote this song. In addition to being one of their top recording artists, Robinson was one of Motown's premier songwriters. He wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the Floy Joy album and also produced it.
  • The song is about a guy known to the ladies as "Floy Joy" because he brings them so much pleasure. They don't know his real name, and don't care.
  • This was the last Supremes' song to reach the US Top 20.
  • Although Lynda Laurence is featured on the album's cover, she is not featured on any of the songs. She replaced Cindy Birdsong in the Supremes just after the recordings were finished.
  • The working title for this song was "Floyd Joy."
  • For this song, the lead vocals were shared with Jean Terrell by Mary Wilson. >>
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  • Zane from The United StatesAndre:

    Surely you jest, that "Floy Joy" was a better song that those songs you mentioned with Diana Ross? It is, no wonder, why the average, "Straight" fan who loved The Supremes with Diana Ross, shunned The Supremes with Jean Terrell. All this useless Melodrama about The Supremes and how much better they were without Diana Ross. What the "Gay Community" never seems to realize is that Without Diana, Mary & Flo, there would not have been Jean, Mary and Cindy.

    Today, The Supremes are reduced to "Gay Melodrama" perpetuated by gay males older than the songs they purport to be superior. The only Supremes who are remembered, and will be remembered : Diana, Mary and Florence. "Floy Joy" was too gay for the average straight male or female to embrace, let alone buy. They were anachronistic from day one...with their effete mannerisms, routines, wigs and other such affectations that were never a part with Diana Ross.
  • Kristin from Bessemer, AlWith the release of this song, critics and audiences began to notice that the Supremes had once again had a "soulful sound", something they appearently lacked when Diana Ross was spearheading the group.
  • Markus from Fall River, MaDre, regardless of your opinion, what Kent wrote is actually TRUE. Also, he said those songs "fared" better in the UK (meaning they did better, not meaning they WERE better). In fact, not only was "Automatically Sunshine" a UK Top 10, many years later it was featured in a UK commercial (I think for detergent).

    I'm from the US, and I happen to both know AND like the song!
  • Andre from The Bronx, NyGee, Kent, we have never heard of one person much less an entire country that thought or thinks that, for example, "Automatically Sunshine" (barely anyone knows the song) is better than such #1 million-selling Diana Ross-led Supremes songs like "Love Child", "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" and "Someday We'll Be Together". Your comment is not for real. - Dre
  • Kent from Toronto, CanadaStrangely enough, all Supremes singles following Diana Ross's departure fared significantly better than they had with her for years... in the UK. (Their last UK top ten hit had been "Reflections", #5 in 1967. With the new line-up, the first five consecutive singles made top ten: "Up The Ladder To The Roof": #6, "Stoned Love": #3, "Nathan Jones": #5, "Floy Joy": #9, "Automatically Sunshine": #10. Compare to the seven preceding Ross & Supremes positions, chronologically: #13, #28, #34, #15, #14, #37, #13.)
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