Summer's Almost Gone

Album: Thick as Thieves (2016)
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  • Temper Trap hooked up with producer Malay for this track. The American producer's resume also includes working with John Legend on the 2008 album Evolver and Frank Ocean on his 2012 set Channel Orange. The latter won a number of accolades, including the Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album.
  • Drummer Toby Dundas recalled Malay's contribution to Artist Direct: "He came around and we all met up in Byron Bay and did four or five days at a little studio on the beach there, which went really well.

    It's really exciting to have someone reinventive and with the track 'Summer's Almost Gone' that Malay worked on, that whole bass drop hip hop kind of vibe at the end was all coming from him."
  • Thick as Thieves was the first Temper Trap album where they worked with people outside of the band. It was because of their time with Malay, that they decided to collaborate with others. Dundas explained: "Because that session went so well we thought we had to bring in other ideas, other people to kind of stir the pot from time to time. From there we decided to keep taking those opportunities when they came up."


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