Noise and Kisses

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  • "look in my eyes
    I'm jaded now whatever that means
    by sharing these things,
    I rip my heart out.
    it's worth my time,
    whatever that means..."

    In the first couple of lines the singer is trying to convey to his love that all of the games she has been playing with him has jaded him, so much so that he immediately denies his feelings and words in the same thought with "whatever that means" as a way to save face in front of her. In the next few lines he explains that by confronting her he is ripping out his heart, he is hurting his own pride in order to convey that she means the world to him, hence the "its worth my time" lyric. But then again he withdrawals with another "whatever that means," as he is in limbo with emotions and feelings, the conflict of his love for this girl and his fear of rejection, which is evident later in the song with the lines, "Share with me 'cause I need it right now, Let me see your insides or write me off 'cause I'd rather STOP now if you won't open up."
    He's asking her to share her true feelings or "insides" or to reject him so he can stop before he gets too invested and then is turned down, which would result in even more painful heartache. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    preston - washougal, WA
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