Bad Mood

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  • Frontman Justin Young told NME: "The song is quite self-explanatory: it's about being in, um, a bad mood. That one was inspired by me - I'm always in a bad mood. I'm a f---ing moody person. The song is a warning to anyone who crosses my path."
  • The video for the song was directed by D.A.R.Y.L., and shot on location in the US during the band's early 2013 headliner tour of the US.
  • Young had some different lyrics in mind for this song, he told NME: "It was always called 'Bad Mood,'
    but quite often when I write songs, I just write like the first words that come into my head rather than anything meaningful. And I remember 'Better to be ready if you rattle my cage' was 'I was at the bus stop combing my hair,' which I thought was like kind of cool, but everyone was really down on that ... they were like, 'That's really bad,' and I was like, 'No, it sounds like McCartney,' and everyone's like, 'No, it doesn't.' So then I changed it to make it a bit more angsty, I think."
  • Young confessed he's not really good at writing riffs, but he wrote the riff to this song on his acoustic guitar, which he uses to write all of his songs.
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