This Is How It Feels

Album: Hook Me Up (2007)


  • "This Is How It Feels" deals with an ex-boyfriend who is trying to make his way back into the life of his former girlfriend. He tries (and fails) to contact his ex-lover: "You keep calling my phone non-stop. Don't you know I won't pick it up?" The girl ignores his calls, in turn feeding her ex a taste of his own medicine, after all, he used to be the one that would ignore her calls: "This is how it feels. When you wait for a call that never comes." The girl has now moved on and wants nothing to do with the guy in question ("And now I've moved on by myself"), but he will not give up, prompting her to ask: "Do you only want me, 'cause you can't have me?"

    The Veronicas wrote the song with the German songwriter, Toby Gad, while he was staying at the sisters' home in Los Angeles. Jess Origliasso told us: "We were writing with a good friend of ours, Toby Gad, who's an incredible songwriter. He was camping out in our lounge room for two weeks and we wrote 'Untouched' with him, 'This Is How it Feels,' a bunch of our songs from our second record."
  • The Veronicas drop the "F" word in this track, a somewhat controversial move considering the band's young fan base. Lisa told the Herald Sun the curse was penned in a passionate moment: "We wrote that song in our living room in LA. It was a totally comfortable space. At no point did anyone say, 'Should you redo that line?' We'd pretty much forgotten it was in there." Jess added: "It's not out of place, the emotion in that song is very passionate. It describes a feeling. It's not put on. We don't condone young fans thinking it's cool to swear. We're not the most politically correct people on earth."
  • Lisa Origliasso particularly liked this track, so much so she told Digital Spy that she wanted it to be released as a single in the United Kingdom. Her desire never came to be, however, with "Everything I'm Not" chosen for release instead: "I would have liked 'This Is How It Feels', but I'm very happy for it to be 'Everything I'm Not'. It's an awesome song that otherwise would never have been released because it's from the first record."


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