Album: Hook Me Up (2007)
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  • The Veronicas are an Australian recording duo made up of identical twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. In our interview with Jess, she told us the song was inspired by the long-distance relationships that she and her sister were in at the time of writing: "Lisa and I were both in long distance relationships at the time. Writing the song, we were talking about how when you meet someone and you want to be so close to them, you feel such a strong attraction energy to that person, it pretty much drives you insane. But because you're at that distance, you feel so much passion, but you don't have that physical closeness. So that will leave you feeling untouched."
  • Toby Gad ("If I Were a Boy," "Big Girls Don't Cry") co-wrote this song with the Veronica sisters. Jess Origliasso explained to us how the idea for the track came about: "We were sitting on our couch in L.A. with our friend Toby, and the way that we went about writing a lot of that record was, we sat down for the first day and talked and gossiped about what was going on in our lives - relationship stuff, friendship stuff, music stuff - kind of a bit of a sleepover party. We pulled ideas from that that day."
  • The Veronicas originally hail from Brisbane, Australia, but Jess Origliasso told us in 2001 that she and her sister moved to Los Angeles: "We call it our temporary home. We're children of the universe, our real home is definitely Australia. We both have homes back in Australia. But as far as where we've spent the majority of our growing-up time for the last 7 years, it's been Los Angeles." When we asked if any particular song reminded the siblings of Los Angeles, Jess mentioned "Untouched," saying, "It's funny, I can pinpoint a lot of songs like that. There's a bunch of songs we've written in Sweden. To us it's really quite obvious, because we're so affected by our environment just as humans that we're like, 'That's a Swedish song, that's an American song, that's an Australian song.' It's quite funny, because we start categorizing as to where we write them. Because of that fact, you do get very influenced by it."
  • Jessica Origliasso told MTV regarding the song's video that, "Style-wise, we kind of decided to go with a bit more high-end fashion, and we do love our black and white. The whole mood of it is definitely a little darker."
  • The Veronicas explained to MusicRemedy.com the album title: "It's a saying that is used a lot. We wrote it with the meaning of hook me up and take me away from here, from reality and the stress of life... an escape. Just for a minute."
  • Lisa Origliasso told The Sun June 5, 2009 that their name, The Veronicas,"comes from the movie Heathers after the character played by Winona Ryder. She is a rebellious, independent chick and also a bit of a brat. I guess the name is like an alter-ego."

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  • Hope from Naperville, Ili love the bass part. and the chorus. they are extrmely talented.
  • Tash from Chippenham, United Kingdomthis song os so catch!! the guy in the vid is very hot indeed!! and the guitar players too but not as much! lol the sisters are really preety aswelll!!!

  • Jessie from Glasgow, United Kingdommy ex sang this to me , my mum split us up and we were warned not to see each other again , or we would be facing the concequences... when he sang it i was like omg this is sooo our lkives just now :O x
    iluu jessikah x
  • Dean from Daytona, --by the way that wasnt dean it was his sis.
  • Dean from Daytona, --i love this song. it is so awesome!!! I like it when the tempo speeds up. the veronicas are so talented!!!
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