Missed You

Album: After Hours (2020)


  • "Missed You" is a melancholy and reflective track about the pain The Weeknd feels following the demise of a relationship. In an attempt to fill the void, Abel embarks on an affair with another woman, but he cannot erase the strong feelings he still has for his ex.

    I said your name by mistake, played it off like I'm just confused
    But I was frontin', lyin' to myself when I know the truth

    Now, The Weeknd is full of regret for not fully committing to the relationship.

    I should've known not to let you go, let you go
    'Cause I missed you
    Baby boo
    We could've grown if I held you close, held you close
  • The Weeknd wrote "Missed You" with DaHeala, a Canadian producer whose other collaborations with the Toronto artist include "Earned It," "Starboy," and "Blinding Lights."


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