Ball And Biscuit

  • There is a lot of sexual innuendo in this song, but according to Jack White, the "Ball And Biscuit" is a kind of vintage microphone. White is a big fan of American Blues, and he crafted the song in the style of Willie Dixon's "The Seventh Son," coming up with somewhat random lyrics shortly before recording the song. >>
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  • The microphone that provided the title for this song is a STC 4021, which they had in Toe-Rag Studios in London, England, where this song was recorded.
  • Clocking in at 7:18, this is the longest White Stripes song ever recorded. >>
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  • Josh from Houston, TxYou can Youtube "Jack White Interviews" and actually take a tour of the studio and see the very microphone he was talking about.
  • Alden from Asheville, NcFor a number of years now, if asked my favorite song or music, it has been invariably The White Stripes or one of their songs. I've said for just as long that Jack is the new Bob. I'm consistently astounded by the raw talent, and creativity of this duo. Thank you Jack, for the gift of your music.
  • Mike from Bloomington, IlThere are few modern guitarists on a level with White (Morello and Homme being a couple). His blues influenced style is so different than the same old formula music being put out today.
  • Tadi from Mitrovica, Ali listen 60's and 70's rock music, and the white stripes is the only band of these days that i enjoy listening. ball and biscuit is one of my favorite song, and my favorite of all is catch hell blues
  • Keri from Dahlonega , GaI absolutely love Jack's more blues influenced songs. My favorite is catch hell blues, it has awesome riffs.
  • Ziggy from HellThis is like the Blues for a new generation. I applaud Jack White for this song, it's brilliant.
  • Michelle from Elkridge, MdJack White somewhat recently performed the song with Bob Dylan on stage and this fact can be cited in the Bob Dylan song guide book "Keys to the Rain".
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