Album: Hot Streak (2015)
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  • This song was penned by The Winery Dogs during a rehearsal break between shows when they were touring. Bassist Billy Sheehan recalled to About.com: "We said, 'Let's write another song for people that come out and see us more than once.' Sometimes people see us 30 times and fly in from all over the world. That song fell together automatically without much effort and labor. When a song falls together naturally it's always the best way."
  • Singer-guitarist Richie Kotzen: "'Oblivion' is a song about what goes on in my mind most of the time which is just kind of total confusion and unawareness … You know somewhere in oblivion I'm kind of on the edge, but I'm trying to break through and evolve to the inhibitions that kind of keep you from finding your self-confidence in yourself and realizing your full potential."
  • The Anglo-Norman word 'oblivion' derives from Latin 'oblivio' meaning "forgetfulness." It is used to describe the state of being completely forgotten or a state of non-existence or nothingness after death.

    Other artists that have recorded songs describing a state of oblivion include Funeral For a Friend, Mastodon, Madina Lake, Grimes, How To Destroy Angels, M83 and In Flames.


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