Hate My Life

Album: Scars & Souvenirs (2008)


  • The band's lead singer, Tyler Connolly explained this song during a concert. He said: "I wrote this song because one day I got out of bed and was like, 'Today feels like it's going to be a bad day. I can feel it.' I realized that there are people out there that have it worse than most people who bitch and complain, and decided to write it so maybe it could make someone's day a little better."
  • Connolly's wife, the actress Christine Danielle, appeared in this song's music video. She also appeared in their clip for "Bad Girlfriend."
  • Connolly told Kerrang! May 2, 2009: "I don't hate my life. It's more me just relating to the everyday person and how they get frustrated." He added: "It's supposed to be funny. People can listen to it and laugh. It's one of those therapeutic songs. You're not alone when you're having a bad day."

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  • Branden from Orange Park, FlThis song was meant for me yeah my boss was a dick, I hate how poor people get paid while I am having to work, definitely hate people who can't drive at all too.. so yeah I am always pissed at the world so i'll stick my finger to the sky and say f--k you all!!
  • Tyler from Hoffman Estates, IlThis song speaks to me because I get those days all the flipping time. My parents aren't the richest ( and we live in F--king Barrington and yet we still not F--king rich!), I aint the skinniest, And I'm pissed most of the time so (lol) I feel like this song was made for me because MY BOSS IS A DICK TOO!!!
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