Santa Monica


  • This song revolves around a guy whose girlfriend leaves him to go to Santa Monica, California to chase a better life. The video tells the story - the girl leaves a note, guy comes home, and the girl is already gone. Along the way she struggles, turns to stripping, and suffers. In the end she's seen walking back to the guys house after her trip failed. >>
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    Whitney - Memphis, TN
  • This song was featured on the soundtrack to video game The Indigo Prophecy (called Fahrenheit in Europe). It was played during a love scene between the main character Lucas and his on again off again girlfriend Tiffany as well as at the end of the game. >>
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    Graham - Boone, NC

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  • Alex from Taranto, Italywow,if notice There's a hinted/hidden reference to Santa Monica's Blv in Hollywood,a street full of prostitues and drug traffic.
    maybe he is hinting that the girlfriend leave him to become a protitute...who knows!
  • Logan from Troy, MtI did play Indigo Prophecy, and everything was almost perfect. The soundtrack was fantastic, the story was almost near perfect, and the gameplay was pretty awesome. I wished it was a bit more coherent in some parts, but it was almost sitting in the greatness part of the Greatest games I ever played list.

    And the song was completely awesome. The last time I heard Credit music that great with a video game was Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
  • Garoud from Arica, Chilesorry to post twice, but I really really listened to this song...and by some reason I think the man in the song killed his girlfriend...anyone else thinks that way?
  • Garoud from Arica, Chileabsolutely a good song...but if you havent seen it on the game can go easily dismissed...too bad, Indigo prophecy has very good themes
  • Corey from Cheney, WaThis song is absolutely amazing... Nothing less... I can't stop listening to it
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