Album: Crooked Timber (2009)


  • Vocalist Andy Cairns told entertainnment.ie that he is fond of this song, "because I was listening to a lot of Code 9, Benga and a lot of dubstep. Obviously we're not going to use a lot of electronics, so we did it all with guitar and bass. I like the groove of it; it's something like 130 beats per minute. I like how the guitar is kind of sparse apart from certain places where there are little effects on it."

    Cairns added that dubstep was an influence on Crooked Timber. He explained: "Some of the vocal effects came from dubstep but we had to tone it down a little bit because I could get a little carried away! I really like that track 'Archangel' by Burial off the Untrue album. They were going that this is like the thing that Cher used to do! (Producer) Andy Gill was saying 'well, let's make it sound like you but let's not go down the f--king Cher route!' It had to be reigned in a bit so people weren't thinking 'who's that f--king alien singing for Therapy?!' (laughs)."


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