Everything is Easy


  • "Everything is Easy" is the first single from Third Eye Blind's fifth album, Dopamine.

    The song is reminiscent of previous Third Eye Blind releases by having an upbeat melody that is combined with sad and dark lyrics. In our interview with frontman Stephan Jenkins, he revealed the meaning of the tune: "I was thinking about the concept that there's a real trap in wanting things more before you have them than when you actually have them. So it's that roller coaster of having and then longing. The longing is like a siren song."
  • Third Eye Blind's bass player Abe Millett got a writing credit on this song along with Stephan Jenkins. Regarding the writing process, Jenkins told us: "I got a melody in my head. It just bounced into my head. I was like, 'Hey, listen. Let me sing to you guys.' I just started singing."


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