I Feel Good

Album: Tangled Up (2015)


  • The intention of this uptempo, funky track is to get people moving. Rhett told Taste of Country Nights: "I would say that's probably the most different song on the record, and one of those ones that the title just says it all. If you're not smiling and laughing and feeling good through that song, I don't know what makes you happy."
  • The song features "Bills" performer LunchMoney Lewis, who provides a guest verse near the end of the track. Rhett recalled to the Las Vegas Review Journal: "The two guys I was writing with are really good friends with Lunchmoney, and so they sent him the track and he literally just walked off his bus in Miami and put a rap on that bridge and sent it back to us, and that's what made the record."
  • The song is a celebration of the weekend. Rhett explained: "You know, you worked yesterday on Friday, you got two more days until Monday, and it's basically, you know, I'm going to live today just with a smile on my face. Nobody can bring you down. You know, you might have bills and you might have all these problems that you've got to figure out on Monday, but that can wait until Monday, because today I feel good, and I'm going to feel good the rest of the day. It's just really one of those really, really go-lucky, happy, happy vibes."


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