If I Didn't Have You

Album: Just Feels Good (2012)
Charted: 49
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  • The first single from Thompson Square's sophomore album is a fast-paced ballad that was penned by Keifer and Shawna Thompson along with Jason Sellers and Paul Jenkins. "'If I Didn't Have You' is a story about two people who rely on each other to get through the tough thing we call life," explained Keifer. "We all have someone who we can go to for encouragement and this is our story."
  • Shawna Thompson recalled to The Boot that this song about all-encompassing love came to them quickly. "We wrote that with Jason Sellers and Paul Jenkins, who we wrote 'I Got You' with," she said. "We were out on the road writing and I had just lost my dad like a month before, and Paul had lost his grandfather, too. So we were talking that out and having a little bit of a therapy session, and the title kind of just fell out. Jason and Keifer started playing this cool melody and it didn't take long to write because we had everything we wanted to say in our heads because it was so emotional and so real."
  • Though it's a personal track, Keifer said the song takes on new meaning to every listener. "It could be about your parents, your friends, about God," he explained. "There's not anybody in the world that doesn't have at least something in their life that impacts them so much that where if it was gone tomorrow it'd be very difficult."
  • This was Thompson Square's first country chart-topper. "Writing your first #1 is an amazing goal to reach," said Shawna. "Writing your first #1 song inspired by the loss of your Dad and having it go #1 on his birthday is a gift straight from heaven. We want to thank all of our fans and country radio for making this possible."

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  • Zack from Noblesville, InThis is an amazing song it brings me back to when I was an alcoholic gambling smoker and the girl whom is now my ex was with me through all of it. I came to rely on her support and her pride in me to get through the day and that dilemma. I love her and miss her more with each passing day. Bribi Bear, I love you sweetheart and I miss you. Shawna's vocals really put it in to perspective. Keifer's vocals added a needed sense of pride in loving that special person and standing by them no matter what happens.
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