Deity In The Sky
by Thor

Album: Beyond The Pain Barrier (2017)
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  • As the band is called Thor, this particular diety in the sky must wield a hammer, right? Actually no. The 10th track on the 2017 Beyond The Pain Barrier album was written by Marty Gummesson of Thundermaker and according to the man himself is "based on the Mayan god, Itzamna. He's a god and creator thought to reside in the Sky. There is no exact meaning to his name, at least not to science knowledge. He has many forms. He can appear as a high priest and even as a bird deity."

    Running to 5 minutes 7 seconds, like the rest of the album, "Deity In The Sky" is published by Vulcan Sky Music/Vulcan Sky Entertainment Group. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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