Album: The Flame In All Of Us (2007)


  • In the DVD that comes with the special edition of this CD, Trevor McNevan said this song is about loving someone so much (in this case his wife) that being around that person feels like being home, no matter where you are, and feeling like that person is the only thing that makes it a home. >>
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    Blake - Chico, CA

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  • Blair from Franklin, NjTFK is a completely Christian band and this is about god. If you did research you'd see that they are signed with a completely christian label. (Tooth and Nail) And these songs are played mainly on christian radio stations
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyIt's absurd to say this is about god. It maybe could be, but that's up to everyone on his own. And it's so wrong that TFK only write songs about god. That would be really stupid.
  • Christian from Unknown, AlAs Thousand Foot Krutch is a Christian band, the message is not about loving a mortal. The message is loving God so much that the Earth is not your home but instead Heaven is your home (you just have not moved in yet).
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