Light 'Em Up (RIP Doe B)
by T.I.

Album: Paperwork (2014)


  • T.I. penned this song after the untimely passing of his rising protégé Doe B., who was murdered in his hometown Montgomery, Alabama in December 2013. The young rapper was actually on his way to record with T.I. and Pharrell the day he was shot. "The night we made 'Paperwork,' I was telling Pharrell about Doe and he immediately said, 'Get him down here, let's work.'"

    So, T.I. called Doe B two days after Christmas. "I told him Pharrell wanted to work with him and he immediately said he was on the way," he recalled. "He just had a stop to make at a club that some DJs were doing a party at and they was looking forward to him showing up. He felt obligated, he had to go do that."

    "Before that morning came, he died," T.I. added. "Pharrell was expecting him. [I had to tell him], "Man lil' bruh died last night."

    Pharrell insisted that the Atlanta rapper document his feelings immediately, while the pain was fresh. "That record was recorded the day he died, so the feeling was very surreal and it was extremely heavy on my heart," T.I. said.


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