Album: Oh No I Love You (2012)


  • Oh No I Love You is the second solo album recorded by Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. It was self-releases via Burgess's own label O Genesis on September 24, 2012.
  • Burgess described this song to Mojo as, "like Psycho" meets Disney. He added: "It's a desert song, desolate and eerie, but it also has this great string arrangement by (the High Llamas') Sean O'Hagan. He wrote it in his flat in Peckham. It lends the song, a magical, fantasy element."
  • Lambchop's Kurt Wagner penned all the album's lyrics. For this song, he wrote about Burgess's head space after he separated from his wife, left his Los Angeles home and moved to a north London warehouse. "In 2000 I was helping him load up his van after he'd played a gig at Manchester university," Burgess explained to Mojo. "I said to him, Wouldn't it be great for us to write together? He said, 'OK I'll do the words, you do the music.' Then in April 2011 I went to visit him in Nashville and we actually got round to doing it. The beauty of the record is in how he documented how I was feeling during this period of time."


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