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Album: The Rest of Our Life (2017)
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  • Shy Carter, Bobby Hammrick and James LeBlanc penned this song at a songwriting camp during which the trio were trying to write tunes for Carrie Underwood. However, when they decided the tune worked better as a duet they asked Meghan Trainor to help the men create the duet's demo. As a result, the "All About That Bass" star got a songwriting credit too.
  • LeBlanc recalled to The Boot the story of the song:

    "I wrote it with an LA songwriter named Shy Carter and a Nashville songwriter named Bobby Hammrick, and it was part of - actually, we were part of a Carrie Underwood songwriting camp; sometimes they do camps where they bring writers together, and they put writers together specifically to write for a certain project, and that's what we were doing.

    It was part of a two- or three-day songwriting camp with a bunch of BMG writers, 'cause that's the company I was with at a time, and we were trying to write songs for Carrie Underwood, so that's where that happened.

    And that was the first time, and the only time, that I've eve written with Shy Carter, but I know Tim and Faith are big Shy Carter fans ... and so we wrote it, Bobby and Shy cut a track on it, and Shy is friends with Meghan Trainor, and so he asked her to sing on it, so the version that Tim and Faith heard had Shy and Meghan Trainor singing on it. So that was - you know, that really got Tim and Faith excited about doing it, and so they wound up cutting it."
  • LeBlanc explained the song's meaning: "It's a summer song; you know, it's a song about being on the beach and a 'How cool is it that you and I are together and we love each other and we're hanging out on the beach?' kind of song."
  • Though best known as a pop singer-songwriter, Meghan Trainor's first songwriting deal was with Big Yellow Dog in Nashville and her early songwriting credits included "I Like the Sound of That" and "DJ Tonight" for Rascal Flatts' Rewind album. She also co-penned Lauren Alaina's hit single "Road Less Traveled."


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