Album: Free Solo (2018)
  • Tim McGraw recorded "Gravity" for the 2018 American documentary film Free Solo. The motion picture tells the story of rock climber Alex Honnold's quest to climb the 3,200-foot El Capitan rock formation in California's Yosemite National Park on his own, and without ropes.
  • McGraw wrote the song with singer-songwriter Lori McKenna, who previously penned his hit single "Humble and Kind." It describes the courage and perseverance of Honmold as he overcomes the obstacles and doubts that threatened to derail his mission.

    Look what you have overcome to get here
    Look at the distance you've run
    The doubt that you push down
    Fear you have drawn out
    When they said that it couldn't be done
    In your head
    In your heart
    And In your hands

    McGraw explained that Lori McKenna and him wanted song's lyrics "to be a reminder that fear is a battle fought on a variety of planes, from mental to spiritual to physical."

    He added: "We tend to think 'fearlessness' is synonymous with big bold gestures, but there's also a fragility inherent in risk - and we wanted that to come through."
  • Tim McGraw was initially reluctant after being asked to write a song for Free Solo, as he has no interest in mountain climbing and is afraid of heights. However once he started watching the film, he was hooked.

    McGraw explained to Billboard he was drawn to Alex Honnold's passion and commitment and his contrasting calmness. "As we were watching the movie, I had a little notebook and I started writing down phrases and ideas and things that struck me," he said. "I was emotionally invested in the movie right away."
  • This was the third song that McGraw had written for a film, following "My Little Girl" from Flicka and "Keep Your Eyes on Me " from The Shack.


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