Beers Ago

Album: Clancy's Tavern (2011)
Charted: 52
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  • This up-tempo piece of fun has a lot of word play. Said Keith: "It's a freaking word salad. It flies by very fast and has a lot of catchy phrases. It was difficult in the studio to sing the first time because it's just so complicated to get all of the rhymes to fall inside the meter of the song."
  • Keith explained the song's meaning: "It's about a guy that leaves town when he turns 18 years old and figures out that maybe I should go back but maybe not. Can't ever really go home. But all those memories I have are 'fifteen hundred and sixty two beers ago.'"
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  • Jenny from Victoria, B.c. CanadaI am amazed at Toby Keith's breath control in this song "Beers Ago". I try to sing along but can't seem to have enough breath to keep up. Well done Toby!.
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