Club Zydeco Moon

Album: Clancy's Tavern (2011)
  • Toby Keith wrote this with veteran singer-songwriter Eddy Raven, who is known for his Cajun-influenced Country music. Keith explained the song: "Eddy's from Louisiana and knows all of the Cajun coon ass vibe lingo that goes on down there. So we started writing about a brothel where there's a head lady. The madam is named Mama Zue Zue and she brought this boy in that was a wayward soul. He had a wonderful evening that night, he thought, and he's still haunted by it 25 years later. It's got all of the Cajun gree-gree eyes and Mama Zue Zue, squeeze box and the candle light - all the supernatural stuff that tends to go on down in that world. It's really well crafted and I wanted to put it on the album because it's different than anything on the album."
  • Eddy Raven was one of Keith's heroes during his youth and the Clinton, Oklahoma native used to play his songs when he was in high school and in the bars. Keith told The Boot that one day, Raven came up to him and introduced himself saying that he'd read the interviews when the Country superstar had talked about him. The veteran singer then said that he wanted to write a song with Keith. "So I invited him to come out on the road with me. He packed a bag and came out and we wrote several times together. It's a true joy to get to sit across from one of your idols and get to do that," Keith recalled.
  • Other songs Keith and Raven have penned together include "Cabo San Lucas" for That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy and "South Of You" for Clancy's Tavern.

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  • Jenny from Victoria, B.c. CanadaClub Zydeco Moon is my all time favourite song by Toby Keith.
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