• This was the first single to be taken from German rock band Tokio Hotel's second English language album, Humanoid.
  • Producer David Jost told MTV News this was recorded much faster than the other songs on Humanoid. He explained: "Bill (Kaulitz, vocalist) and Tom (Kaulitz, guitarist) were on their way from their hotel in West Hollywood to our studio - originally to record Bill's vocals. Just before the guys arrived Bill called from the car and said that he had an idea for a song, which should be named 'Automatic.' We put the vocal recordings on hold that day and wrote down the entire song in less than two hours."
  • The German version of this song is titled "Automatisch."
  • The album title was very much influenced by the Kaulitz brothers' interest in science fiction. Producer/Songwriter David Jost told MTV News: "The word 'Humanoid' comes from the science-fiction language, meaning 'humanlike,' This word is pronounced differently in the English and German language but is written the same way in both languages. Bill (Kaulitz, frontman) wanted the new record to have only one name worldwide: Humanoid."
  • In an interview with iTunes, Bill Kaluitz told the story of the song: "When we had the idea, we noticed how many times you use the word ''automatic'' every day. Automatic is normally a good thing, except for love. It's the only thing where it's not a good thing. That was the idea for the song, the song is musically the thing that we were still missing on the album. It was one of the songs that we recorded really fast, once we were in the studio. We had the final version of the song really quick and shortly after we all agreed that it should be the first single."

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  • Zenia from New York, NyIt's about a girl that is faking her feelings for a boy and has been doing so for years and the boy is just now realizing that she's not everything she says she is.
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